Vacationing in Aruba

Timeshares Can Be A Great Vacation Option in Aruba Aruba is a very popular place to visit and has plenty to offer those who decide to vacation there. Those who have never been on vacation to the island may not realize just how much the place has going for it! Visitors will naturally be able […]

We’ve Expanded our Timeshare Rental Program


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Now is the Perfect Time to Rent Aruba Timeshare

Let’s be honest, there’s never a bad time for a trip to Aruba. Still, right about now is a particularly great time to rent an Aruba timeshare.

While Aruba boasts beautiful weather year round, the island’s “high-season” runs from mid-December to mid-April. During these months (which coincide with the U.S. and Canadian winters) Aruba hotels and resorts charge their highest prices, and, being at their highest demand, Aruba timeshare rentals may be difficult to book.

As April approaches, however, vacationers from chilly locales see sunlight at the end of the tunnel; meaning fewer flock to Aruba’s sandy white shores for a breath of sea, sand and surf. For you, lone holdout, that means great deals on Aruba timeshare rentals! Because Aruba accommodations don’t have as high a demand in April, rental prices often drop dramatically.

Of course, there’s plenty of sun-bathing to be done in Aruba – but this beautiful Caribbean island has so much more than sunny days to offer. Aruba’s lush tropical landscape is rich in natural wonders. From the Ayo rock formations and Indian caves to the Arikok National park; there’s something to enchant everyone.

Tip: An Aruba timeshare rental in April is a great, super inexpensive way for a large group of friends to escape for a week; without paying for separate hotel rooms. We love: Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club and Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club.