Top Ten Summer Vacation Destinations for 2012

Walt Disney World It’s (almost) that time of year again! The days are long and the kids are home. For many families, Summer Vacation is the best time of year. In honor of the upcoming season, the Associated Press recently released a summer vacation report, of sorts, which you can find in full here.

Of particular interest to us at Timeshare Broker Sales is their “Most Popular Summer Destinations” category. So, where are Americans planning to vacation this summer? The AP reports:

“Travelers can’t seem to get enough of Mickey Mouse. They also love Hawaii’s beaches, Las Vegas’ casinos, the Big Apple, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon. AAA’s list of top destinations for 2011 was little changed from 2010 and 2009.

No. 1: Orlando (Disney World)

No. 2: Honolulu (Hawaii)

No. 3: Anaheim (Disneyland)

No. 4: Las Vegas

No. 5: Kahului (airport for Maui, Hawaii)

No. 6: New York

No. 7: Lihue (airport for Kauai, Hawaii)

No. 8: San Francisco

No. 9: Phoenix

No. 10: Seattle”

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The Associated Press