Fractional Ownership on the Rise for Many Reasons

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Properties While timeshare properties have been popular for a number of years, a different yet similar choice is now starting to grow as a top option for those interested in these types of vacations. Fractional property ownership is on the rise, and it is able to offer quite a few benefits. Although it can […]

Why is a Fractional Vacation Home a Great Option?

Fractional Ownership

Benefits of Fractional Homes

Fractional ownership has been around for a number of years for a variety of different types of items, even aircraft. However, most of the time, people who are considering fractional ownership are actually looking at luxury vacation homes. Fractional ownership simply makes a lot of sense for many people today. They do not want to buy an entire home that they are only going to be able to use a few weeks out of the year. Fractional properties are simply going to be sensible for most out there today. In fact, you are going to find quite a few benefits when it comes to these types of homes.

Great Amenities with the Fractional Homes

While it is ultimately going to depend on the home that you choose, you will find that the majority of the fractional vacation homes out there today are going to have some outstanding amenities. These can vary greatly based on the property, but some might include the types of amenities that you would find at a five-star resort. They might include a spa, a clubhouse, and more. The features they offer are generally going to be ones that you would not be able to find if you simply had a vacation home that you own outright.

Often, fractional properties are going to have high quality management services as well. The hospitality companies are able to take care of all of your needs in the home so that it can meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Even the fixtures and the appliances that you find with one of these types of units will typically be of a much higher quality. They are going to be better than what most of the typical vacation rentals are going to be able to offer you.

A Good Location Where You Want to Stay

Another one of the great things about the fractional homes is that you will often be able to find them in the locations where you’ve always wanted to live or spend time. Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy the warm summer weather or you want to have a place where you are going to be able to enjoy the wintry weather and the mountains, you will be able to find it.

The Ease of Ownership

If you were to have your own vacation home, you would be the one who was responsible for all of the repairs and housekeeping. When you have a fractional home, the only thing that you have to worry about is having a good time. Imagine how nice it will be to enjoy your vacation without having any worries. All of the maintenance issues should be a part of the price and the annual fees that you are paying for the fractional.

Speaking of the price and the fees that you have to pay, you’ll find that it is going to be much more affordable to have a fractional than a second home for your vacations. Once you pay the initial price, you will only have to pay the annual fee for upkeep. This should be quite a bit more affordable. The cost of the fractional will vary, naturally, so it is always important to make sure that you research your potential vacation home completely so you know exactly what it is that you are getting.

More Time for Your Vacation

With many of the fractional properties that are out there today, you will find that you can spend more time with your property than with a typical timeshare. In fact, you could stay for longer than a month in some of the fractional homes. It all depends upon the company and the homes that are available. Again, this is something that potential buyers are going to want to consider when they are looking at the various fractionals that are on the market today.

People really do seem to love the luxury that the fractional homes are able to offer. They can take their vacation and know that everything is going to proceed just perfectly. They could be a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a luxury vacation home without buying an entire property yourself.

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Timeshare Broker Sales is Officially an ARDA Member


ARDA_MemberTimeshare Broker Sales is honored to be ARDA’s newest corporate member. ARDA membership symbolizes a commitment to industry excellence that we’ll continue to demonstrate to both our clients and colleagues.

Our affiliation with ARDA provides us with invaluable connections and relevant information about the evolving vacation ownership industry. Corporate membership with ARDA will allow us to provide our clients with extra exposure and a competitive edge above and beyond our comprehensive brokerage services.

How does ARDA serve the vacation ownership community? ARDA promotes development of the timeshare industry in a number of ways:

  • Advocacy: ARDA monitors regulatory issues that affect vacation ownership with lobbying efforts focused establishing a legislative environment that enhances consumer confidence and protection.
  • B2B Partnerships: ARDA pursues business and growth opportunities through alliances with organizations in related and complementary industries in the U.S. and overseas.
  • Knowledge: ARDA shares market intelligence and keeps its members informed of industry trends and events through a variety of informational tools.
  • Networking: the ARDA Annual Convention and Exposition offers ARDA industry professionals networking and educational opportunities each year.
  • Outreach: ARDA keeps its members updated with the latest industry news.

Our membership with ARDA serves to underscore our continual commitment to ethical business practices, industry growth, and transparent brokerage.

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The Future of Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership, or shared ownership property, is fast becoming one of the most popular options in the vacation ownership industry. As the industry continues to grow, niche markets are beginning to emerge – forever changing the shape of the fractional model. Last fall, industry leaders gathered at the Fractional Summit USA to make some bold predictions for the future of frationals.

According to an article on, consumers can expect to see some major changes to the traditional fractional model, most of which result in increased flexibility and affordability for the buyer or renter. Some major predictions about the future of fractional ownership included:

  • Per night (rather than per week) valuations
  • Smaller fractional sizes
  • Increased emphasis on health and wellness facilities
  • Increase in eco-friendly practices and environmental technologies
  • Short-term ownership period products with a guaranteed exit strategy

With hotel rates predicted to rise up to 6.5% in 2012, this information about the budget-friendly changes to fractional ownership has never been more relevant.  Read the full text of the article here, then contact us for more information about fractionals and fractional resales.