Top Four Reasons to Sell Your Timeshare with Us!

Check out this short video about selling your timeshare with us! We could list dozens of reasons you should sell your vacation ownership property with the friendly and knowledgeable timeshare brokers hare at TBS, but that would make a really long video. Instead, we chose our favorites – the top four reasons to sell your timeshare here with us at Timeshare Broker Sales.

We’ve summarized below, but isn’t it always more fun to watch a video?!

  • Licensed real estate agents that specialize in selling timeshares – it’s all we do, every day!
  • No Upfront Fees to sell your timeshare, ever – just pay a percentage based commission at closing.
  • Complete timeshare brokerage services – we’ll find qualified buyers and negotiate on your behalf: we’ve got you covered from start to finish
  • BBB Accredited Business – signifies trust, reliability and honesty – we’ve never had a complaint!

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‘Timeshare Gripes’ Fastest Growing Category of Consumer Complaints


Forbes Advice for Safely Selling your Timeshare

Just Google Scumbag Steve!According to this newly released Forbes article, “timeshare gripes were the fastest-growing category” of consumer complaints in 2012.

Timeshares can be great for consumers who make effective use of them; and many complaints centered on timeshare sales and resales practices.

While many consumers had issue with high-pressure timeshare sales “presentations,” consumer groups also report a notable and disturbing uptick in the number of complaints from current owners who have been scammed while trying to sell their timeshare.

Avoid Upfront Fee Timeshare Scams

These scammers operate by demanding an upfront fee to sell your timeshare (often convincing owners they have a buyer waiting), then disappearing with your money.

Even worse, these scams are often compounded by yet another scammer, positioning itself as a “resale recovery services” firm who will promise to retrieve the money the consumer paid to the first “company “— for another upfront fee, of course.

Consult a Licensed Timeshare Broker

At Timeshare Broker Sales, we believe that paying an upfront fee is the number one mistake timeshare sellers make.

According to Forbes, consumer agencies around the country agree, advising consumers to “avoid timeshare resale companies that take upfront fees regardless of whether they find a buyer for you” and instead advise owners to contact their timeshare management company to inquire about buy-backs, consult with a licensed real estate agent, or both.

We’d also advise all current owners to ensure that their potential resellers have BBB accreditation and licensing. Or, just contact us.

We are a BBB accredited, ARDA recommended member of the LTRBA. As licensed timeshare real estate agents, we never charge an upfront fee for our resale services.