Planning a Lake Tahoe Vacation?

Check out this Infographic from FlipKey and Consider a Lake Tahoe Timeshare Rental


Lake Tahoe is California’s premier alpine and skiing region and is considered by many to be among the most elite destinations in the United States. Considering a Lake Tahoe vacation or a purchase at a Lake Tahoe timeshare?
The vacation experts over at FlipKey, have put together this handy and beautiful infographic to help you learn more. We’ve reposted it, with their permission, below; along with our main takeaways for our clients and colleagues.
Main Takeaways for Timeshare Buyers and Renters
  • South Lake Tahoe is the #1 vacation destination in the Lake Tahoe area (followed by Tahoe City and Incline Village)
  • South Lake Tahoe is the #1 Lake Tahoe destination for Large Groups – more than 1/3 of ALL Lake Tahoe reservations are for parties of 8 or more
  • During holiday weeks, hotels can cost close to $400 per night! Look into timeshare rentals to save hundreds.
  • About 70% of Lake Tahoe vacationers live witting driving distance of Lake Tahoe.
Finally, the average planning time for vacations in January, February and March is just 4-6 weeks. That means there’s still time to book a Lake Tahoe timeshare rental, or look into buying a timeshare in South Lake Tahoe.


FlipKey Travel Trends: Lake Tahoe Infographic
FlipKey Travel Trends: Lake Tahoe by vacation rentals site