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For those who love to travel, looking into a timeshare could be a good option. Timeshares allow people to buy into a very nice vacation property without needing to spend as much money as they would if they had to buy their own full vacation home. After making the purchase of the property with a full payment, you will then only have to pay the annual maintenance fees. With a timeshare, you are generally going to get about a week per year of vacation time, although it’s possible that some of the resorts offer longer vacation times.

Why is a Timeshare a Good Option?

You already know that you are going to be able to save money since you will not have to buy an entire home. However, timeshares have quite a few other benefits as well. First, the maintenance fee that you pay each year is going to help to ensure that everything is always running properly at your property. You do not have to worry about doing any of the maintenance on your own, which is nice. Next, you never have to worry about whether the hotels and resorts in your vacation spot are all booked up. You will always be able to know you have a place to stay, and that makes planning your vacation less of a headache.


Fractional Vacation Ownership

One of the top ways to own a gorgeous vacation home is with fractional ownership. "Private residence club" is another term often used in place of fractional, but it means the same thing. These are similar to timeshares, but the fractional properties are generally going to be upscale luxury properties. The amount of time that you are buying in the vacation home is greater as well – usually between four and twelve weeks. Look at all of the different benefits that you will find when you choose this route for your vacation home.

Great Amenities at the Locations

A reason cited for buying fractional properties is often amenities. Most of the options that are available will have a wide range of high quality amenities that will be able to make quite a difference in your life. Some of the sites might have a spa and fitness center, a clubhouse and the types of services that you would normally expect from a 5-star hotel. These are amenities that you would simply not be able to have available if you owned an entire vacation home or even a condominium in the area.


Rise iin Fractional Ownership

While timeshare properties have been popular for a number of years, a different yet similar choice is now starting to grow as a top option for those interested in these types of vacations. Fractional property ownership is on the rise, and it is able to offer quite a few benefits. Although it can vary based on the resort where people buy one of the luxury properties, one of the biggest benefits to these types of purchases is the fact that vacationers are going to have more time per year to vacation. Instead of the typical one – or maybe two – weeks that people get through traditional timeshares, the fractional vacation properties are able to offer several weeks at a time.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to having more time annually to vacation in your favorite destination, you will find that you also have a much greater enjoyment out of your vacations. You will be living in a premium condominium type or a high-end villa environment with most of the fractional home ownership programs that are out there today. This affords you more room and more amenities in many cases.


Four of the Best Reasons to Consider Fractional Ownership

Have you ever dreamed of owning a vacation home? If you have, then you might’ve started to crunch the numbers and found that having the luxury vacation home you wanted might be doable financially, but it really made little financial sense! While you want to have all of the amenities that you could find in a top of the line resort in a private residence that you own, you are only going to be vacationing for a relatively small portion of the year. You would have to buy an entire home that you would only use occasionally.

Fortunately, you do have much better options. You can look into fractional, where you have partial ownership in a vacation home. This option is going to provide you with some great benefits, as you can see.


Great Deals on Timeshares

Over the last few years, it seemed as though the thought of buying into a timeshare was a dream many people no longer thought they could afford. With the economy finally on the rebound though, more and more are starting to see timeshares as a viable possibility. Timeshares have quite a few benefits for those who are ready to get into a property. Of course, you have to make sure that you are in a good position to buy.

Are You Ready to Buy a Vacation Property?

If you are thinking about buying a timeshare, you need to make sure that you are working with marriott Timesharethe best quality company. The company needs to be able to answer all of the questions that you have regarding your timeshare, especially about the price, and any ongoing costs. How much is it all going to cost? In addition to the price of the timeshare, make sure that you ask about the price of the annual fees for the upkeep and the maintenance. Make sure that you are going to be able to afford the property that you are buying as well as those annual fees.


Fancy Vacationing Somewhere Different This Year?

Timeshares may get a lot of bad press for being associated with scams, but in reality the majority of timeshares are genuine (read our blog article ‘Ten Signs it's a Timeshare Scam’ for advice on how to spot a scam), and make for a fantastic addition to your property portfolio. Timeshares in getaway beach destinations such as Florida, Colorado, and Mexico provide buyers with a relaxing holiday each year without having to worry about the cost of accommodation. A common reason people are put off time shares is the idea of having to vacation in the same place each year, but this needn’t be the case. As a timeshare owner you have the option of arranging a timeshare exchange. Not sure what a timeshare exchange is? Remember the film The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? Well, in the film Diaz swaps her luxury LA home with Winslet’s cottage in the English countryside for two weeks over Christmas. This is basically what a timeshare exchange is, except that you will only be exchanging holiday homes; not your actual home.

Finding a Timeshare Exchange

The best thing about a timeshare exchange is that you can arrange one with anyone, anywhere RCIacross the world; you are not required to stick to a single country. So if you fancy two weeks in the French Alps, or three on the Spanish coast, there is nothing to stop you from having the holiday of your dreams. The only problem is actually finding a timeshare in your desired destination, and arranging for the swap; this is where it can get slightly tricky.


Check out this Infographic from FlipKey and Consider a Lake Tahoe Timeshare Rental

Lake Tahoe Vacation OwnershipLake Tahoe is California's premier alpine and skiing region and is considered by many to be among the most elite destinations in the United States. Considering a Lake Tahoe vacation or a purchase at a Lake Tahoe timeshare?

The vacation experts over at FlipKey have put together this handy and beautiful infographic to help you learn more. We've reposted it, with their permission, below; along with our main takeaways for our clients and colleagues.


Oombaga Timeshare ManagementDon't you love it when your smart-phone actually makes you feel... well, smart? Oombaga, a mobile application for timeshare owners aims to do just that.

The new app company, that allows owners to pay maintenance fees, make reservations and carry out transactions with their resort in real time on their smart-device, has just signed-on to become a 2013 Signature Sponsor of ARDA.


RCI_logoWith even more new properties and innovative technology developments, it's been a big few weeks for RCI.

More New Affiliated Properties


Mickey_StarbucksIt's official: Yesterday, Disney announced that Starbucks will replace the Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom, and the Fountain View at Epcot.

The Disney Parks Blog noted the new Starbucks locations in Disney Parks will be themed (including Cast Members) to fit in with their areas (the classic turn-of-the-20th-century atmosphere for Magic Kingdom's Main Street; and a space-age vibe for Epcot’s Future World).