Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular places to vacation with the family. It is a particularly fun spot for the kids, and you will always be able to find plenty for the kids to see and do. Best of all, parents will have a fantastic time as well since most of the attractions are just as interesting and fun for the grown ups.

Places to Visit with the Family

Of course, the beaches are probably going to be one of the most beloved places to spend time with the family. You will find more than sixty miles of sand and fun in the sun. Whether you want to sit on the beach and watch the little ones splash around in the water, or you want to head out boating and fishing with the family, you can do that. Of course, the beaches are certainly not the only places to you can visit while you are in the area.

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Kids will have a great time at many of the places around Myrtle Beach, including Myrtle Beach Family Golf, the Myrtles Beach Wave Water Park, and Pirate Adventures. Ripley’s Aquarium and Ripley’s Believe it or Not are two other popular destinations that all members of the family – no matter their age – will love. One of the theme parks you do not want to miss is Family Kingdom Amusement Park. The park has more than thirty different rides, including four that are brand new for 2013. The rides you will find at this park are a bit faster and larger, so it could be perfect for the older kids in the family.

You can find some shows and entertainment that are nice for the youngsters too. At the Palace Theatre, you can see the show illusions of magic, which is one of the best shows in town. Pirate’s Voyage and Medieval Times are two themed restaurants that the kids will absolutely love – it’s a far cry different from Chili’s!

Just spending time with the family walking around the boardwalk can be a great time as well. Explore some of the shops, have some ice cream, and simply enjoy the fun and the beauty the city has to offer. Everyone in the family is sure to have a great time.


Consider Buying or Renting a Timeshare Property

When you are looking for lodging in the area, you can find hotels, but that might not be the best option. If you love the location and you plan to come back each year, it might make far more sense logistically to look into timeshare properties instead. You can buy a timeshare outright, or you could even decide to rent a timeshare if you do not have the money to purchase. When you are in a timeshare, you really do have some advantages. You feel as though you are at home rather than in a hotel room. Most of the timeshares will have kitchens where you can cook as well, which can save you some money.