Live in NYC? Rent a “Timeshare Backyard” for Your Next BBQ.

Photo Credit: MARY ALTAFFER/APThe concept of timesharing has been around since the 1960’s as an innovative alternative to paying for hotel accommodations while on vacation. Today, timesharing comes in many forms, from vacation clubs to fractional ownership. Yet, never before had we seen the concept of timeshare rentals by the hour. Until now.

What was once an empty lot at 145 Ludlow Street in Manhattan is now home to the world’s first “Timeshare Backyard.” For $100 an hour (with a two hour minimum), New Yorkers who don’t want to make the trip out to Brooklyn, the Bronx or Queens can enjoy a private, fenced-in backyard fully equipped for lounging, grilling or even hula-hooping.

Wedged between two buildings in the East Village, the yard’s high wooden fences and brick walls are decorated with street art; giving the spot a modern, and decidedly New York vibe, even with its grass, trees and lawn furniture.

Rooted in a personal nostalgia for the backyards of their childhoods, business partners Jessica Resler and Jacqui Kavanagh dreamed up the Timeshare Backyard as a respite from the sweltering concrete jungle of NYC in the summer.

The two discovered the stalled construction site and inquired with the managing real estate company (Misrahi Reality) about renting it out. A year later, the yard is stocked with coolers, lounge chairs, backyard games and even a charcoal grill.

“If it could stay vacant forever, it would be the best secret little garden in all of Manhattan,” said Lorence Dippolito, vice president of leasing for Misrahi Realty. “People love outdoor space,” Dippolito said. “And no one has it. It’s a luxury.” Best of all, the backyard is open to the public to use free of charge on Friday afternoons.

Unfortunately, as licensed real estate brokers, we can’t help you book time at this NYC [anti] hot-spot. We just thought it was too cool not to share. We can, however, help you secure luxurious timeshare accommodation in New York City. So give us a call, and if nothing else, peek through the fence (like this guy) to see what this Timeshare Backyard is all about!