Interval International Timeshare Exchange

Make the most of your timeshare with a membership with Interval International. Timeshare Broker Sales can help you travel the globe on a budget with an II affiliated timeshare resale

With more than 2 million member families, Interval International (II) is a global leader in timeshare exchange. Since its inception in 1976, II has provided high-quality exchange options, products and vacation benefits to timeshare owners around the world. Today, Interval International boasts an exchange network of more than 2,500 resorts in more than 75 countries across the globe.

Second only to RCI, Interval International provides vacation property owners from around the world with comprehensive timeshare exchange services and member benefits, vacation planning services and travel discounts. 

What is Timeshare Exchange?

When you buy timeshare, you generally purchase a week (or two) at a “home-resort” (the resort that is deeded or contracted to you) which is yours to use during your assigned ownership time. While this home-resort can come to feel like a beloved home away from home, many owners crave similar accommodations in new destinations. That’s where timeshare exchange comes in. As a timeshare owner, you’ll have the option to purchase a membership with an exchange company like Interval Intenational.

Exchange companies partner with timeshare resorts to afford owners and members the ability to trade their “home-resort” time for time at one of the exchange company’s affiliated resorts. Timeshare owners have a number of exchange companies to choose from, but few with the global reach of II. You’ll find Interval International-affiliated timeshares all over the world, from the paradise of the Caribbean to the history and beauty of Paris.

How does Interval International Timeshare Exchange Work?

Membership with Interval International is limited to owners at Interval-affiliated resorts, which must all meet Interval’s strict criteria for quality. This guarantees Interval International members quality accommodations and luxurious resorts, no matter where in the network they’re staying. Interval International is affiliated with a number of prestigious resorts from major hospitality brands like: Disney Vacations Club,  Hyatt Vacation Club, Starwood Vacation Ownership, and Marriott Vacation Club.

Owners can deposit their Interval for exchange within the system, and, in doing so, place an exchange request. Owners must provide II with a number of acceptable resort possibilities or date possibilities.

Where Can I get Help with Timeshare Exchange?

Some consumers find this exchange slightly confusing. If you have any questions about Interval International exchange, don’t hesitate to contact us. The knowledgeable timeshare resellers and brokers at Timeshare Broker Sales are experts at helping Interval International members make the absolute most of their timeshare. We can help you take the confusion out of planning your next vacation, and make it the best ever!

Buy Timeshare Resale with Timeshare Broker Sales

If you haven’t quite made it that far and you’re currently looking to buy timeshare, we’re here to help. The expert brokers at Timeshare Broker Sales will help you buy timeshare resale to save up to 60% off resort developer prices. Our expert staff will help you choose the best possible “home-resort” for your lifestyle and budget, affording maximum flexibility and exchange-options within Interval International without exceeding your budget.

Our licensed timeshare brokers have extensive knowledge about program intricacies, specific-resort information and exchange opportunities that our clients find invaluable when deciding which vacation property to purchase. We can even help II members rent timeshare out, when they won’t be able to use their property.

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