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The American Resort Developers Association (ARDA) defines fractional ownership as: “Leisure real estate sold in intervals of more than one week and less than whole ownership. Fractionals are usually associated with the luxury segment of vacation ownership, offering greater services and amenities.” Indeed, these venues are often spectacular, with jaw-dropping beauty and vistas to enjoy. Fractional ownership properties can take the form of traditional resort settings, single home communities, beach villas, mountain chalets, or even a castle in France! Because the interval is for an extended period beyond the more common one week in timeshare ownership, many owners consider this a second home. 

Fractionals also tend to be larger properties, with very upscale features and available amenities. Concierge services are common, and you can even order up a butler, cook, maid, or a chauffeur for your limo to take you to and from your private fractional jet. That said, like timeshare, there are also ownership intervals available that are far more modest to fit your budget.

But don’t be fooled! Timeshare resort companies such as Four Seasons, Hyatt, Starwood, and Marriott also offer a very opulent resort and venue. As mentioned, the units may be slightly smaller, but still have high end features. Unlike fractionals, timeshare ownership can offer more flexibility to those with a busy schedule and limited time.

Timeshare intervals are almost always sold in one week periods, and for those owners choosing this travel lifestyle, they are usually multiple week owners. Most timeshare resort companies now offer some form of points system, which is considered “currency” in the simplest terms. This allows owners flexibility in scheduling as little as one night to a several week stay depending on how many points you have in the bank. Fractionals do not normally offer this flexibility, but every resort is different, and need to research their plan in advance.

In both cases, Fractionals and Timeshare have maintenance fees annually, and your bill would also include property taxes since it is deeded property. As you might expect, fractional ownership fees would be higher because of the size, venue, and amenities offered, and the additional time interval owned (larger share).

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