RCI Timeshare Exchange

Buy timeshare resale and travel the globe with RCI. Timeshare Broker Sales can help you save thousands on luxurious RCI affiliated timeshares

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is the global leader in timeshare exchange. In 1974, RCI pioneered the groundbreaking concept of timeshare exchange, which today makes timesharing the most flexible form of vacation-ownership available. With access to more than 3,700 resorts in nearly 100 countries, RCI provides flexible, world-class timeshare vacations to its more than three million members.

What is Timeshare Exchange?

When you buy timeshare, you generally purchase a week (or two) at a “home-resort” (the resort that is deeded or contracted to you) which is yours to use during your assigned ownership time. While this home-resort can come to feel like a beloved home away from home, many owners crave similar accommodations in new destinations. That’s where timeshare exchange comes in. As a timeshare owner, you’ll have the option to purchase a membership with an exchange company.

Exchange companies partner with timeshare resorts to afford owners and members the ability to trade their “home-resort” time for time at one of the exchange company’s affiliated resorts. Timeshare owners have a number of exchange companies to choose from, but none with the global reach of RCI. You’ll find RCI timeshares all over the world, from the swank Middle East to the paradise of the Caribbean, and everywhere in-between.

How Does RCI Timeshare Exchange Work?

When you’re ready to exchange your timeshare week, you’ll simply “deposit” your affiliated vacation property into RCI’s vast exchange inventory. You’ll then be presented with a list of comparable timeshares to choose from. RCI bases your exchange options on the season (Red, White or Blue) and rank (Gold Crown or Silver Crown) of your home-resort.

RCI also offers membership to its extremely flexible points program. RCI Points provides timeshare owners and members with the opportunity to trade their week at their home-resort for a certain number of points each year, which may be used to purchase time at other affiliated resorts, or may be “banked” for use at a later date.

Timeshare owners can even “rent” their additional points in order to boost their overall point balance – affording them access to ultra-luxurious resorts their home-resort’s ranking might not otherwise have provided. RCI timeshare rentals are a great way for owners to “save up” for that dream vacation or take an extra-long trip to an exotic destination.

Why Choose RCI Timeshare Exchange?

RCI provides members with hassle-free access to thousands of top-quality resorts all across the globe. With an inventory of nearly 4,000 affiliated timeshares to choose from RCI members are guaranteed the utmost flexibility within RCI’s vast network of resorts.

Additionally, RCI partners with the best and most highly-regarded names in the timeshare hospitality industry, including: Hilton Grand Vacations ClubWyndham Vacation Ownership, and Disney Vacation Ownership; affording owners and members the highest quality accommodations in some of the world’s most beloved destinations.

Finally, RCI members have the benefit of a number of member-programs and vacation-planning services. From cruises to “last-call vacations,” there are dozens of ways RCI members can enhance their ownership. Resort Condominiums International takes your timeshare to the next level.

Membership with RCI is the best way to turn your vacation property into a lifetime of unique and exotic vacations. Best of all, when you purchase timeshare resale, rather than directly from the resort, you can save thousands while still reaping all the premium benefits of RCI membership.

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