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In 1974, Jon and Christel DeHaan changed everything. By letting owners exchange time at their home resorts for a stay at affiliated properties, members got better value, flexibility, and adventures to share. And the travel industry would never be the same – but that was just the start. Today, RCI isn’t just the leader of vacation exchange. It’s an entire global travel network. One place to dream it, plan it, and book it all. This is The New Shape of Travel. Say hello to 4,300+ resorts, 600,000+ hotels, 345,000 activities, 30+ popular cruise lines, and access to major car rental brands. In 2019, RCI became part of Wyndham Destinations and announced the acquisition of travel technology platform Alliance Reservations Network securing their leadership role in the timeshare exchange space. Learn More.

RCI is the most flexible timeshare program working within the industry to date. RCI Points through RCI have grown tremendously over the last few years so let us help you determine what’s best for you and break down what RCI is all about.

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Resort Condominiums International, LLC or (RCI) has it is better known is the world’s global provider of exchange to the timeshare resort industry. RCI has more than 3 million members who enjoy timeshare vacations at RCI’s over 4,300+ affiliated resorts. These timeshare owners and resorts are a unique community of travel enthusiasts with the common bond of a lifetime commitment to quality vacations through time share. RCI members benefit from the experience, knowledge, and resources of RCI’s Guides, who aid in the planning of exchange vacations.  

RCI Points System: How it works for you.

With RCI Points you are no longer limited to taking a vacation in the same place every year. This gives you all the possibilities you could dream of. Maybe you would like to break up your week into a smaller trip. You can do this with RCI Points. The timeshare resale market allows you to find points a little more manageable to your pocket book.

When you’re ready to exchange your timeshare week, you’ll simply “deposit” your affiliated vacation property into RCI’s vast exchange inventory. You’ll then be presented with a list of comparable timeshares to choose from. RCI bases your exchange options on the season (Red, White, or Blue) and rank (Gold Crown or Silver Crown) of your home-resort.

RCI also offers membership to its extremely flexible points program. RCI Points provides timeshare owners and members with the opportunity to trade their week at their home-resort for a certain number of points each year, which may be used to purchase time at other affiliated resorts or may be “banked” for use later.

Timeshare owners can even “rent” their additional points to boost their overall point balance – affording them access to ultra-luxurious resorts their home-resort’s ranking might not otherwise have provided. RCI timeshare rentals are a great way for owners to “save up” for that dream vacation or take an extra-long trip to an exotic destination.

RCI Points: Where could I go?

How about anywhere! RCI boasts of 4,300 timeshare resorts worldwide. RCI allows you to have much more flexibility in you planning. Always provide your exchange company with 8 to 10 resort choices. They will only confirm to you the first available and will not call and ask you. Also, make your request well in advance! Seems obvious right? It’s kind of like this, “Should we pick apples nearest the parking lot, or should we walk further toward the back of the orchard.”

The niche to timeshare vacations is to get the facts before you buy. Are points included in your timeshare and can they be transferred? There are many reasons to have knowledge before you buy. All in all, it can be an investment of a lifetime of adventures, romance or just taking in the view.

Take it from us, RCI is the world’s expert in exchange vacations. An exchange vacation allows members to discover new places and enjoy the freedom of resort vacationing all over the world and Timeshare Broker Sales would like to help you understand RCI Points.

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