Timeshare Exchange Companies

Timeshare Exchange Companies can help you make the most of your vacation property. RCI and II make traveling the globe convenient and luxurious.

Timeshare exchange is the reason that timeshares are the world’s most flexible form of vacation ownership. Timeshare exchange companies essentially allow timeshare owners to trade their time at their “home resort” for time at one of a number of affiliated resorts within a given exchange network.

The term “timeshare exchange company” generally refers to third-party timeshare exchange companies, rather than in-network timeshare vacation club exchange. There are a number of timeshare exchange companies on the market, however because of the flexibility afforded with larger companies, timeshare owners generally choose to purchase membership with one of two major exchange companies, depending on their resort’s affiliation.

The two major timeshare exchange companies available to consumers today are Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II). Each has its own benefits, services and owner-perks. If you have a timeshare exchange company preference, it’s important to ensure you buy a timeshare within an affiliated resort developer. Marriott timeshares, for example, are affiliated with Interval International, while Hilton timeshares use RCI.

Resort Condominiums International (RCI)

RCI is the global leader in timeshare exchange. In 1974, RCI pioneered this groundbreaking concept. Today, with access to more than 3,700 resorts in nearly 100 countries, RCI provides flexible, first-class timeshare vacations to its more than three million worldwide members.

RCI Member Benefits

RCI Points: In addition to pioneering the concept of timeshare exchange more than three decades ago, RCI also pioneered the world’s first points-based timeshare exchange program – RCI points in 2,000. The RCI points program allows owners to purchase Points that can be used to upgrade vacations, purchase air line tickets or to be banked for later use. Members can even accumulate enough points to exchange them for additional RCI Weeks vacations.

Guest Certificates: RCI allows owners to gift an RCI vacation for a nominal fee. Owners can give their friends or family an unforgettable vacation at one of RCI’s more than 3,700 international resorts. Can you think of a better gift for a loved-one?

RCI Travel: This full-service travel agency acts like a concierge service – helping members make travel arrangements and schedule activities during various resort vacations. Additionally, members receive discounts on travel essentials like car-rentals, air-fare and more.

Extra Vacations Getaways: Owners can enjoy additional vacations without losing their week with the Extra Vacations Getaways feature. From a last-minute getaway to a week-long escape, RCI members get the best rates on RCI affiliated timeshare rentals.

Vacation Protection: This service is optional and allows owners to cancel their vacation without losing their week.

RCI Cruise: This unique service enables RCI affiliated timeshare owners to exchange their week for a comparable cruise vacation!

Interval International (II)

Interval International is the world’s second largest timeshare exchange company. With more than 2 million members and more than 2,000 deluxe resorts in 75+ countries, Interval International makes traveling the globe easy, luxurious and relatively affordable.

II Member Benefits

Member Getaways: This service enables owners to enjoy exclusive values on bonus vacations without depositing their timeshare week.

Request First: Unlike RCI, II allows owners to request an exchange week before depositing their own timeshare week. This ensures owners can take the time to find exactly the exchange resort they’re looking for, or hold on to their own week at their home resort.

Guest Certificates: Like RCI, II allows members to gift exclusive vacations to friends and families. This option is also available for Member Getaways!

Interval Travel & Gold Membership: This service affords members discounts on air line tickets, car rentals, cruises and local activities and can be upgraded to II’s ShortStay and Gold Concierge services.

There are also a number of smaller exchange companies servicing specific markets or niches. Here’s a brief overview of some of the more popular timeshare exchange companies:

Trading Places International

Since 1973 Trading Places International has been providing timeshare owners with one-stop timeshare exchange services. Trading Places is a provider of exchange and leisure services to more than 300,000 vacation owners at more than 20 resorts located throughout the mainland United States, Hawaii, and Mexico.

Trading Places International prides itself on efficiency. In one phone call, timeshare owners can exchange their week, book airfare and car rental or even add on a cruise or a few extra nights. Best of all, unlike the other major exchange companies, there are no mandatory membership fees to exchange through Trading Places.

Trading Places Maui

Trading Places Maui is Trading Places International’s specific Hawaii branch, and Hawaii’s premier timeshare exchange company. They boast top priority on all Hawaii exchange requests and also require no mandatory membership fees.

Dial an Exchange

Dial an Exchange is a members club for owners of any kind of holiday property. Some member benefits of Dial an Exchange are: Free Membership, low-cost exchange fee, World Wide Exchange destinations, and a transparent system whereby exchange availability is published online. The company allows members to pay only when their exchange is confirmed and also features Late Booking Bonus Weeks at very low prices.

SFX Preferred Resorts

SFX Preferred Resorts is the only Exchange Company specializing in the industry’s highest rated resorts, bringing freedom of choice and ever-expanding vacation exchange options. This San Francisco based exchange company has succeeded in opening the market in order to give consumer’s the ability to request quality resorts listed in multiple exchange networks, rather than being restricted to just one resort-affiliated exchange company.

With more than 100,000 members, SFX is one of the world’s most highly-regarded exchange companies boasting a network of high-quality brand-name resorts in the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and Europe.

Platinum Interchange

Established in 1979, Platinum Interchange is considered the third Exchange and Rental Company worldwide consistently confirming vacation exchanges at 1200 plus worldwide resorts. Platinum Interchange offers Low exchange fees, No membership fees, No annual dues, and quality customer service. Its solid standing in the industry promises optimum exchange availability and longevity.

Hawaii Time Share Exchange

Hawaii Time Share Exchange bills itself as “the ideal place for your exchanges, rentals and space-banking needs.” They offer unbeatable membership fees, personalized services, quick response time and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Hawaii Time Share Exchange boasts a large inventory of timeshare resorts in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Crown Vacation Exchange

Crown Vacation Exchange is the “Affordable Exchange Alternative.” Created by industry professionals with a primary focus on offering an affordable alternative for exchanging timeshare weeks, CVE does not require owners to pay any fees other than the low ($99) exchange fee. Users must deposit their week online before CVE can process an exchange request. One of the major benefits of CVE is that it does not require that you be a member in order to use our services. There is no contract to sign and there are no membership fees to pay.

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