Timeshare Ownership

Timeshare Resales Allow You to Travel in Luxury and Style, at First Class Resorts Around the World, at a Fraction of the Cost!

A timeshare is a property that you and several other people purchase so you can all enjoy the benefits of vacation in an area of the world of your choice. Most whole-property owners spend hundreds of thousands for the repair and restoration of their vacation homes. Timeshare ownership permits each vacationer to have a stress-free vacation by performing all the jobs for them.

Timeshare ownership as well as rent prices are quite diverse depending on location and popularity. You can expect to pay anywhere from $18,000 to $215,000, and this is not including yearly maintenance fees. Purchasing a timeshare on the resale market is several times more cost-efficient than buying your own vacation home. Instead of having the entire cost of upkeep, maintenance fees, and yearly property taxes, you get to share these costs among the group of owners.

Timeshare property is located up and down the East Coast as well as the West coast and everywhere in between. The vacationer is offered one to two weeks with Timeshare ownership compared to Fractional ownership up to 13 weeks per year.

Emerging trends in vacation ownership properties today extend to hotels or resorts located in major cites, wilderness resorts, and gaming resorts. Timeshare and vacation club owners enjoy unparalleled flexibility through vacation exchange programs such as Interval International or RCI.

If you’re searching for timeshares online, you might find it easier to be more informed about the property that you are choosing. One example, some people find it easier to learn more about the property by doing their research for that one specific timeshare. Maybe you’re looking at four or five and trying to decide which one could be the best investment for you.

Just choose your location, and browse to see what is available. Next, look at other factors, such as nearby attractions that might interest you. If your first choice isn’t what you were looking for, you can continue to browse around into another area. There is no limit of the locations or properties you can choose from.

If you are a timeshare owner and are interested in selling your vacation timeshare, we can help you sell your timeshare. A timeshare resale broker company like ours is the best direction to turn when your looking to sell. We offer a variety of different listing options to fit all budgets and needs. The best news is that we never charge an Upfront Fee! We get paid commission only when your timeshare is sold and closed.

So, whether your interest is in finding that perfect vacation venue, or for any reason, have a need to sell, let our licensed timeshare specialists guide you every step of the way. Call us today Toll Free at (800) 985-9946. We can help!