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For ultimate transparency and honesty in timeshare resales, choose only BBB Accredited timeshare resellers.

Timeshare Broker Sales wears its BBB Accreditation proudly as a way to signify to our clients that we are a reputable and trustworthy source for timeshare resales.

But what is the Better Business Bureau? How does it protect consumers and on what principles does it base its criteria for accreditation? We’ll explain just what our BBB Accreditation and rating mean, and why it’s so important to work with a timeshare reseller or broker with a high BBB rating, like us.

What is the BBB?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) seeks to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. The BBB is also a widely recognized forum for publically resolving customer complaints. In fact, the BBB publicly displays a company’s number of customer complaints filed and closed with the BBB dating back three years.

According to, the mission of the Better Business Bureau is to substantiate integrity and performance in the consumer marketplace by:

  • Creating a community of trustworthy businesses
  • Setting standards for marketplace trust
  • Encouraging and supporting best practices
  • Celebrating marketplace role models
  • Denouncing substandard marketplace behavior


What are the BBB Accreditation Standards?

The BBB subjects businesses to a “Code of Business Practices” that help it determine whether or not a business can gain accreditation. BBB Accredited Businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Build marketplace trust by establishing and maintaining a positive track record.
  • Advertise honestly by adhering to established standards.
  • Be honest in the representation of products and services (including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms).
  • Be fully transparent by identifying the nature, location and ownership of the business and clearly disclosing all policies.
  • Honor promises by abiding by all written agreements and verbal representations.
  • Be responsive by responding quickly and professionally to marketplace disputes.
  • Safeguard client’s privacy by protecting personal information.
  • Embody Integrity in all business dealings and marketplace transactions.
  • Maintain at least a “B” on the BBB’s rating standard.


Timeshare Broker Sales maintains all of the above criteria. For a more complete description of these terms pertaining to Timeshare Broker Sales specific jurisdiction, please check out the BBB Accreditation Standards on

On What Criteria are Businesses’ Rated?

Businesses are evaluated on a standard grading scale from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). The following factors are considered when lowering the grade of a business.

  • Complaint history with the BBB (number of complaints, nature of complaints and adequate or inadequate resolutions)
  • Type of Business
  • Length of time in Business (slightly lower ratings for less time in business)
  • Background information (physical location of business, owners, etc.)
  • Failure to honor commitments to the BBB (including adherence to standards in client dealings)
  • Licensing and government actions
  • Advertising issues


For a more complete explanation of the BBB’s complex grading system, please visit

What Does Our BBB Accreditation Mean to You?

As licensed and real estate agents, we pride ourselves on honest, ethical and transparent transactions – but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. That’s why our BBB Accreditation becomes so important.

By checking out the BBB’s review of our company, you can see for yourself that we are accredited and well rated within the Better Business Bureau.

Why Choose a BBB Accredited Timeshare Reseller

Unfortunately, the timeshare industry is rife with scammers and unethical practices. From pushy timeshare sales operations to crooked timeshare resellers, the unique industry has been infiltrated by dishonest companies looking to cash in on uninformed or vulnerable consumers.

You can protect yourself by staying informed. By choosing a BBB Accredited Business you can easily check to ensure you’re working with a reputable reseller or broker. In fact, in the American Resort Developers Association “resale advisory” newsletter, ARDA lists the Better Business Bureau main website as a useful resource for evaluating whether or not to work with a timeshare reseller.

Choose Timeshare Broker Sales

Timeshare Broker Sales is a licensed Realtor (and a member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association). We are timeshare resale experts with hundreds of satisfied customers. At Timeshare Broker Sales, we walk buyers and sellers through every step of the process – from facilitating connections to negotiating terms and overseeing transparent timeshare transfers.

If you need assistance buying or selling timeshare resale, contact us today and see what our clients are raving about. We look forward to working with you!