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Timeshare Broker Sales is proud to be affiliated since 2010 with some of the leading booking agents in timeshare rentals. They provide timeshare rental services to many of the leading brokerages in the business and maintain a large network of cooperating brokers and service providers to offer timeshare resale services to individual consumers.

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Richard Marquette, Broker/Owner has been involved in the timeshare resale and rental industry since 2000 and has brokered more than 46,000 transaction sides during that period. Chances are if he doesn’t know the answer to your timeshare and travel questions – he will be able to refer you to someone who does! Richard is a regular speaker at industry and consumer events and has been featured in numerous industry websites and periodicals.

Susan Arnone, Licensed Agent – Susan was one of the first people in the timeshare resale industry to fully embrace the potential of timeshare rentals, developing a timeshare rental business model that has been responsible for millions of dollars in timeshare rental transactions since the year 2000. She has been featured on the cover of Perspective Magazine (Feb 2010) as a leader in the industry and is recognized as one of the most experienced professionals in the timeshare rental industry

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