Fractional Ownership on the Rise for Many Reasons

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Properties While timeshare properties have been popular for a number of years, a different yet similar choice is now starting to grow as a top option for those interested in these types of vacations. Fractional property ownership is on the rise, and it is able to offer quite a few benefits. Although it can […]

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The Future of Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership, or shared ownership property, is fast becoming one of the most popular options in the vacation ownership industry. As the industry continues to grow, niche markets are beginning to emerge – forever changing the shape of the fractional model. Last fall, industry leaders gathered at the Fractional Summit USA to make some bold predictions for the future of frationals.

According to an article on, consumers can expect to see some major changes to the traditional fractional model, most of which result in increased flexibility and affordability for the buyer or renter. Some major predictions about the future of fractional ownership included:

  • Per night (rather than per week) valuations
  • Smaller fractional sizes
  • Increased emphasis on health and wellness facilities
  • Increase in eco-friendly practices and environmental technologies
  • Short-term ownership period products with a guaranteed exit strategy

With hotel rates predicted to rise up to 6.5% in 2012, this information about the budget-friendly changes to fractional ownership has never been more relevant.  Read the full text of the article here, then contact us for more information about fractionals and fractional resales.