Basics of Setting a Selling Price for a Timeshare

Basics of Setting a Selling Price for a Timeshare

Are you one of the many out there in possession of a timeshare property? While timeshares have a ton of potential as a great way to vacation, and it is nice to know that you have somewhere that you will be able to spend your vacation each year, it might be time for you to get rid of your timeshare. You may find that certain economic factors in your life right now are making timeshare ownership too difficult for you. If you are out of work, those annual fees can be difficult to handle. Regardless of the reason, it could be time that you looked into selling your timeshare.

Getting the Price Just Right

Selling the timeshare is not exactly like selling a home. Certainly, you want to make sure that you are getting the best selling price for your timeshare, and that means that you will have to know how to price it properly. If you price the timeshare too high, most people are not going to give it a second look. They want to have something that they are going to be able to afford, after all. However, if you price too low believing that your unit is going to sell faster, you might be in for a bit of a surprise as well. People are going to be suspicious that something must be terribly wrong with the timeshare and they are going to avoid it. You have to find and hit that Goldilocks zone.

You will want to know some of the things that are going to have an effect on the way that you price the unit. Two of the biggest things that you are going to want to consider are the location and the usage dates that you have for your timeshare. If you are in a location that is not as desirable, or if you have off-season dates for the resort, you are going to find that it is not going to be able to sell for quite as much in most cases. Another one of the big issues that people will have is with the maintenance. If the timeshare is not in good condition, the selling price is going to drop substantially.

Getting Help

If you are having trouble getting a good understanding of how much you should charge for your timeshare, then you may want to have some help when it comes to figuring out what the real value of the timeshare is going to be. Keep in mind that with the timeshare, you are not going to be able to change certain things as you would with your own property. For example, you aren’t going to be able to knock down walls or add new appliances to give it a shiny exterior that can motivate buyers.

Some might find that it is going to be more advantageous from a selling perspective to hold onto the unit for a few more years until the demand goes up again. Of course, this is all going to depend on your current financial needs.

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