Top Destinations of 2012: Summer, Autumn, Winter


We found a great infographic on the “Top Destinations of 2012: Summer, Autumn & Winter.” With the unique destinations, relevant tips and adorable color palate (we’re nerds for that kind of thing), this infographic begs to be referenced again and again.

Some destinations of note:

  • Kenya, Greece, Egypt, Kenya or the Bahamas in the Summer
  • New York, Shanghai, Marrakesh or Tennessee in the Fall
  • The Caribbean, Austria, Dubai or Boracay in the Winter

Be sure to check it out at the link above to see all the cool destinations featured, with brief explanations of why you should visit.

If you’re thinking of exploring any of these 2012 hot-spots, consider renting a timeshare. Renting a vacation property makes it easy to travel and lodge with a large group; and many can be rented for less than the cost of a hotel room for a week, despite their drastic difference in size and accommodations. 

Timeshares are generally larger and more luxuriously appointed than hotel rooms of similar cost. The average hotel room is just 300-400 square feet, while the average timeshare is a more spacious 1200-1400.

Often, a hotel offers just a room with a bed and bath. If you’re lucky, there’s a small common area. Vacation ownership rentals on the other hand, are like more condos. They offer private bedrooms, large common areas, a kitchen, laundry facilities, and usually a balcony or patio offering fresh-air and scenic views.

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