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Wyndham Bonnet Creek is located just minutes from the gates of the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Where to Snorkel in Hawaii

Hawaii_SnorkelSnorkeling is a rite-of-passage in Hawaii. No Hawaiian vacation is complete without exploring the colorful and strange undersea world sitting just below the surface.

There are dozens of places to snorkel in Hawaii. From the big healthy reefs of the Big Island to the convenient coves and parks of Oahu, you’ll find incredible snorkeling wherever you up.

However, for many snorkeling enthusiasts, Maui stands above the rest as the best island for snorkeling in Hawaii.

Snorkeling in Maui

Maui has more miles of swimmable beach than any other Hawaiian island. The best Maui snorkeling beaches are on South and West facing shores which are hidden from the trade winds by the Maui mountains – keeping the water stays clear and calm.

Treat yourself to a trip to Turtle Town Maui for gorgeous beaches and a high population of Hawaiian green sea turtles; or check out Honolua Bay boasting a diversity of marine-life Hawaii_Sea_Turtlesecond to none.

Maui is also home to the incredible Molokini Islet, a partially submerged volcanic crater located about three miles offshore. With crystal-clear waters (visibility usually exceeds a hundred feet) and abundant sea life, snorkeling Molokini is an experience unlike any other.

Snorkeling in Oahu

Oahu is no slouch when it comes to amazing snorkeling opportunities. With 112 miles of pristine coastline, Oahu is the second most popular Hawaii island for snorkeling.

Don’t miss Kahe Point Beach Park, offering exceptionally clear waters and lots of colorful fish; or head to Hanauma Bay – the most famous of all Hawaii’s snorkeling beaches because of it’s high population of fairly tame fish, calm shallow water, and picture-perfect white sand.

Snorkeling in the Big Island

Hawaii Snorkeling CoveThe Big Island offers 266 miles of raw coastline. With smooth lava-flats (convenient for easy entry) the Big Island is perfect for those looking to snorkel Hawaii away from the crowds.

Check out Honaunau Bay for calm waters, high visibility and lots of colorful coral where myriad tropical fish congregate.

Or visit Mauna Kea Beach, considered by many to be the most picturesque and relaxing beach on the Big Island. Mauna Kea offers shallow, calm and convenient conditions perfect for beginners.

When you’re planning your next Hawaii snorkeling vacation, consider a Hawaii timeshare rental. Right now, we have especially great deals on Wyndham timeshare rentals. You’ll secure spacious, villa style accommodations for about the same price as renting a hotel room for a week.



http://www.hawaiisnorkelingguide.com (TONS of great information!)

We’ve Expanded our Timeshare Rental Program


Wyndham_Vacation_RentalWe’re excited to announce that Timeshare Broker Sales is dramatically expanding our timeshare rental program.

With new industry partnerships and specially designed rental packages we now have the ability to facilitate vacation property rentals like never before.

We’ve recently gained access to thousands of exclusive rental properties in some of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. We’ve also created a special rental program Wyndham timeshare owners.

Ask About our Wyndham Timeshare Rental Program

If you own a high-point (500,000+) Wyndham timeshare plan that you’re looking to rent out, give us a call toll free at (800) 985-9946 today to learn about how we can help drastically offset or cover your maintenance fees.

We’ve tailored this special rental program to help you get the absolute most out of your vacation ownership package on the rental market, while still making your rental attractive to prospective renters. With our new program, we’ve even helped owners cover their maintenance costs and still have points left over!

Rent a Timeshare in Your Favorite Spots

If you’re looking to rent a timeshare, we’ve got thousand of properties available in beloved vacation destinations like Orlando, Hawaii, Las Vegas, The Caribbean, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a rental spacious enough to accommodate all the cousins, or you’re planning a golf-getaway with the guys; we’ve got a timeshare rental to suit your needs.

Why Rent Timeshare With Us?

The logistics of facilitating a rental can be tricky if you don’t know the ropes. Why not let us do the legwork?Our licensed and BBB accredited timeshare brokers are specialists in vacation property rentals; and our rental programs benefit both owners and renters. Contact us today.