Timeshare Resales by a Licensed Timeshare Broker

Buy a Timeshare and Travel in Style! Timeshare Resales Offers Luxurious Timeshare Vacation Club Resorts at Great Savings

Timeshare Broker Sales is a licensed broker, a BBB Accredited Business, and a name you can trust.

Timeshare resales offer the most affordable option for vacationers. With resales, you’ll receive all the first-class amenities a timeshare resort has to offer, while saving thousands off the retail price. Purchasing your timeshare resale, rather than directly from the resort can add up to major savings – sometimes as much as 70% off the resort developer price!
In addition to dramatic savings, working with a licensed timeshare resale company, like Timeshare Broker Sales, ensures a safe, professional transaction with ongoing support from knowledgeable timeshare resales specialists.

Save up to 60% when you Buy a Resale Timeshare

If you vacation regularly (or would like to) timeshare resales can save you thousands, while offering deluxe amenities far exceeding those of your typical hotel.  The average hotel room is just 300-400 square feet, while the average timeshare is a spacious 1200-1400. Often, a hotel offers just a room with a bed or two, and small common area.  Timeshares, on the other hand, are like condos. They offer private bedrooms, large common areas, a kitchen, a laundry room, and usually a balcony (or two) offering fresh-air and scenic views.  When you’ve got the whole gang with you, imagine what a difference that space can make!

Timeshares also offer many resort amenities like private beach access, golf courses, swimming-pools, health clubs, tennis and racquetball courts, picnic grilling areas, kids’ activities, and much more. Timeshare resales give you all the luxury and comfort you desire while vacationing, without the exorbitant price-tag. Best of all, timeshare resorts are located in some of the most beautiful and popular vacation destinations in the world.

Buy Timeshare Resales to Enjoy Vacation Freedom

Still, many consumers fear that timeshares will keep them tied to the same resort year after year. In fact, the opposite is true! Resale Timeshares offer the opportunity to explore new and unique destinations, or to return to a favorite resort again and again. In short, timeshares resales offer the flexibility to choose where you want to vacation, every year.

Here’s how it works: most timeshare resorts are affiliated with an exchange company (like RCI or Interval International) which allow owners to trade their timeshare weeks for time at one of thousands of affiliated resorts for a nominal processing fee.

For some, returning to a favorite resort can be appealing; your timeshare becomes a familiar yet luxurious home-away-from-home.  However, when you buy a timeshare at exchange-affiliated or vacation-club resorts, you can choose to explore new places year after year, or re-visit your favorites time and time again.

Resale Timeshares Offers Privileges at Premium Resorts

Here are just a few premium timeshare resorts can can be purchased on the Timeshare Resale market:

  • Marriott Timeshare Resales
  • Hilton Timeshare Resales
  • Starwood Timeshare Resales
  • Westin Timeshare Resales
  • Sheraton Timeshare Resales
  • Harborside at Atlantis Resales
  • Disney Timeshare Resales
  • Hyatt Timeshare Resales

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Let us help you buy a lifetime of vacations on the used timeshare resales market, while saving you thousands in the process. Or, if you need to sell your timeshare, we can make it simple. Remember, as Licensed Timeshare Brokers, we never charge any upfront fees! Browse our extensive network of properties or call now!