We’ve gotten a few requests for more information about Interval International’s newest product, Club Interval Gold.

Club Interval Gold is a points-based exchange service for owners of fixed or floating-week timeshares. The progressive program combines all the membership benefits of Interval International and Interval Gold®, offering their most flexible vacation exchange experience yet.

So what exactly is Club Interval Gold, and how does it work? Interval’s chief operating officer Jeanette Marbert explains:

“Since 1994, Interval has offered members with points-based interests the ability to trade points for traditional weeks. More recently, Gold members have also been able to take advantage of ShortStay Exchange for as many vacations as their points allow,” said Marbert. Now, Club Interval Gold offers week-owners the flexibility to convert theivr vacation time into points. They can use points to access resorts in our worldwide network, or redeem them to travel as they choose, from a weekend golf getaway to a weeklong family cruise.”

So there you have it, straight from the source. Club Interval Gold members can utilize their points to enhance their vacation exchange experiences in the following ways:

Additional Club Interval Gold ownership benefits may include:

“Club Interval Gold represents the ultimate in transaction flexibility and is a valuable sales tool that makes the vacation ownership product even more desirable to new purchasers and existing owners,” said David Gilbert, Interval’s executive vice president of resort sales and marketing.





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