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Timeshare Industry Trends

Tampa, Florida – January 12, 2012: Many timeshare owners use their vacation property as a means to travel the globe through the use of vacation clubs or timeshare exchange companies like RCI and Interval International. What will be the hottest travel and timeshare trends in 2012? We’ve rounded up a few predictions:

Interest in Pet Friendly Timeshares Grows – According to a 2011 survey by, almost 33 percent of pet owners planned to take their pets outside of the United States on an international retreat. Following suit, countries worldwide have begun rewriting travel requirements for passengers flying with pets – hoping to lessen the burden so as to promote tourism.

All Inclusive Timeshares Resorts Gain Popularity – Cutting costs is still on the top of every traveler’s mind. Many analysts believe that the vacation/travel industry will see a rise in discounted trips like package vacations, all-inclusive resorts and cruises. All inclusive timeshare rentals, in particular are likely to rise – especially to areas with low average airfares like Nassau, Bahamas, or Cancun.

Mexico Timeshare Rentals Stay Popular – Mexico is on a major PR campaign as of late, due to the misconception that the country as a whole is dangerous. The truth, however, is that drug-related violence in Mexico is limited to very specific geographical areas – far outside those where tourists usually venture – and outside the realms of any Mexican timeshares you might be exchanging at.

Changes in Fractional Ownership – The shared ownership industry is changing to reflect the current economy. With an increased focus on affordability and flexibility, the fractional timeshare industry is predicted to change in a number of ways including: per night (rather than per week) valuations, smaller fractional sizes, short-term ownership period products with guaranteed exit strategies.

BONUS: lists their predicted “best deals” for 2012. Below, their short list of destinations (some of which are major timeshare spots):

The ways we vacation often mirrors the ways we live. In 2012, we’re keeping family (and pets) close and stretching our dollars. Buying, exchanging or renting timeshares can be a great way to take budget-friendly vacations without sacrificing quality.




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