Diamond Resorts CEO Under Fire

Tampa, Florida – January 20, 2012:

It’s been a bad week for Diamond Resorts CEO Stephen Cloobeck, following his appearance on the popular CBS show Undercover Boss. Hawaii timeshare owners at Diamond Resorts’ Point at Poipu, in Kaua’i, have come together to express outrage at a “special assessment fee” of a whopping $5,500 per interval on top of their average annual maintenance fee of $1,400.

According to an article posted on, (a timeshare resale website that has been covering the story from its inception) “owners were told they had just 90 days to pay the fee or Diamond Resort International (DRI) would aggressively commence collections, put their accounts into a delinquent status, and ruin their credit.”

Point of Poipu Angry Owners Facebook Page
The fee, apparently added to repair water intrusion damage, has sparked the creation of a Facebook page dubbed “Point of Poipu Angry Owners,” as a forum for upset owners to share information, seek resolution and voice their concerns as they deal with DRI. The page currently has 450 members, and continues to grow.

‘Undercover Boss’ Episode Stirs up Discontent
Action on the part of owners was finally brought to a head on Monday, when Diamond Resorts CEO, Stephen Cloobeck appeared on an episode of CBS’ Undercover Boss. Viewed by many as the “final straw,” the effects has been immediate and likely unexpected.

As one disgruntled owner commented on the devoted Facebook page, “I love the backlash Cloobeck is getting from his Undercover Boss episode. [He] just wanted to show off his trophy wife, his Ferrari, his private jet, his homes, his “Power of Yes”…all it did was stir DRI owners into action.”

The controversy continues as owners become frustrated with inaction on the part of Diamond representatives – particularly as it pertains to comments Cloobeck made last week to the Las Vegas Review-Journal stating that he would, “return money to unhappy time-share owners.”

Owners Want Refunds, Remedies & More Information
Of course, those comments were made before hundreds of complaints poured in, and more than 100 members of Diamond Resorts Vacation Ownership sent emails to Cloobeck and the Diamond Resorts International on Monday, asking for refunds and other financial remedies on their investment.

According to a recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Cloobeck says comments he made to the Review-Journal about refunding money to unhappy time-share customers has now come back to haunt him.” Many owners are currently awaiting correspondence with DRI to determine what, if any, remedies can be made.

According to a post on the Point of Poipu Angry Owners Facebook page, one diligent owner contacted Hawaii’s Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, who told him that they are currently “investigating two issues based upon hundreds of complaints… the two specific issues [being considered] are: the Special WI assessment and the availability of the owners list.”

The issue of seemingly exorbitant special assessment fees is not new, yet through popular social media outlets, owners are able to share their stories, correspondences and actions-taken more easily than ever, as they attempt to seek appropriate resolution from DRI. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Some Diamond Timeshare Owners Given Option to Surrender Deed

Las Vegas Review-Journal

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