Sales of Timeshares and Fractional Properties are Predicted to Rise

Tampa, Florida – July 4, 2011:  As the Economy Improves, Sales of Timeshares and Fractional Properties are Predicted to Rise. According to a study recently released by Ragatz Associates, timeshares, timeshare vacation clubs and residence clubs are forecast to rebound from the housing market slump more quickly than whole-ownership second home options.

The study predicts that as the economy improves those in a position to buy vacation homes will increasingly turn to shared-ownership options rather than single-ownership properties.

Michael G. Burns, President and CEO of Private Residence Resorts of Seattle explains the trend: “The typical vacation home is only owner-occupied three to six weeks out of the year. When one compares the costs of owning and maintaining a comparable second home, with that of a residence club, the true value of the fractional product speaks for itself.” While Mr. Burns refers here to fractional ownership, many predictors indicate that the same is true for timeshare vacation clubs and single week time share ownership.

He goes on to explain, “today’s consumer clearly sees the good sense in paying only for the time they actually get to use a vacation property…it’s a very tempting premise to have an upscale vacation home without the on-going costs or hassles of whole ownership.”

And of course, as the economy rebounds consumers are more awake than ever to opportunities for real estate savings. That’s why many buyers are turning to timeshare resales, rather than purchasing directly from the resort developer.

Of course, the timeshare industry is rife with scams. It’s recommended by ARDA that potential timeshare buyers (and timeshare sellers) work with only licensed timeshare brokers to ensure safety, honesty and transparency in all timeshare transfers.


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