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Timeshare Industry Sees Slow Growth

Despite Industry Improvement, it’s Still a Timeshare Resale Buyer’s Market


Tampa, Florida – June 14, 2011: 

Timeshare developers in the United States maintained steady sales last year as they attempted to climb out of an industry-wide slump that had previously stalled new development. According to the 2011 State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry Report, sales of timeshare products in 2010 totaled 6.4 billion dollars – up just slightly from $6.3 billion sold in 2009.

President of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), Howard Nusbaum, is optimistic. “The good news is that we saw growth,” remarked Nusbaum. The increase in timeshare sales (however slight) is an indicator that the consumers are once again looking to buy timeshare as an alternative to hotel-vacationing. In fact, according to ARDA’S latest annual report, the average occupancy rate at U.S. time-share resorts was 78.5 percent — well above the average occupancy of hotels.

Yet, for the timeshare industry, 2010 was still a difficult year. The average sales price of a timeshare unit fell 5.7% last year. Still, for individuals in a position to buy timeshare, the market couldn’t be better.

As timeshare companies continue to raise their annual maintenance fees (up 8% from 2009), many families are looking to sell timeshare on the resale market. With resale, sellers may be forced to sell their property for significantly less than they paid for it – yet for many American families hit with economic hardship, it’s worth the trade off.

With timeshare resales, both the seller and the buyer benefit.  Timeshare sellers are relieved of a vacation property they’re unable to pay for, and the buyer secures huge discounts off resort pricing. The increase in timeshare resales may not be great for timeshare developers, but for the average consumer, they’re the ultimate money-saving tool for vacationing on a budget.

Whether you’re looking to buy timeshare or you’re ready to sell, ARDA recommends working with only licensed timeshare brokers, and staying away from companies that charge an upfront fee to sell timeshare.


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