Timeshare Broker Sales on the Role of Closing Companies in Timeshare Transfers

Tampa, Florida – June 22, 2011: Real estate can be confusing, especially when it comes to timeshares. With so much misinformation out there, it’s no wonder many timeshare buyers and sellers become frustrated with the timeshare resale process. Because it is so important that consumers to understand the closing process, Timeshare Broker Sales has added a helpful informational resource on closing companies to their website, Timeshare Broker Sales seeks to be an informational resource for timeshare buyers and sellers.

Timeshare Transfers

One major areas of confusion is the role of closing companies in timeshare transfers. Consumers aren’t sure of the role of closing companies in a timeshare transfer, making it difficult to choose an appropriate timeshare closing company.

Because of the sensitive nature of the transactions that take place during a timeshare transfer, it’s essential that individuals involved in timeshare resale choose a reputable closing company and have a strong understanding of the role of closing companies in timeshare transfers.

The Role of Closing Companies

Many consumers don’t realize that closing companies don’t just hold money in escrow. There are a number of duties a good closing company should perform before transacting a timeshare transfer. Consumers should also know what to expect from a closing company, and what to look for to their ensure credibility.

As a licensed timeshare broker, Timeshare Broker Sales is committed to promoting honesty and transparency in the timeshare resale industry; starting with their informative new page on timeshare transfers. Being informed can save you time and money. Learn more about timeshare resales at


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