Phuket Cracks Down on Bogus Timeshare Operators

Tampa, Florida – June 27, 2011: Late last week, the Phuket Governor, Tri Augkaradacha, set up a high-powered task force to battle against illegal timeshare operators in Phuket. “Timeshare companies can help tourism a lot if they follow the regulations, but companies that just cheat consumers affect tourism negatively instead,” said Weerawit Kuresombut, President of the Entertainment Association in Patong.

The task force’s primary focus is on timeshare developers that use “bait and switch” or other illegal tactics to bilk thousands (up to a billion baht) from unsuspecting tourists. The timeshare industry has notoriously been subject to such corruption, which is why it’s so important to buy and sell timeshare with a reputable timeshare broker.

Purchasing directly from the resort can be costly, and as demonstrated above, sometimes disastrous. To be safe, you should never buy timeshare in Thailand (or anywhere else for that matter) from developers without doing thorough, long-term research. Don’t feel obligated by high-pressure tactics; and carefully research and all properties and resellers before making any real estate decisions.

To be extra safe, you can buy timeshare resale at up to 60% off from timeshare brokers who know the industry inside and out and can help you buy timeshare at only well-known and highly-regarded timeshare resorts.


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