Why Buy Timeshare with Timeshare Broker Sales

Why buy timeshare with TBS? Timeshare Broker Sales is a Licensed Timeshare Broker and BBB Accredited Business. We know how to help you save thousands on timeshare resales

The decision to buy timeshare resale can be an exciting one. You’ll secure a lifetime of flexible vacations in some of the world’s most beloved destinations year after year, for a fraction of what you might spend for annual hotel-accommodations of similar quality. However, the process of purchasing timeshare can be daunting. There are hundreds of timeshare resellers available online, each promising the best deals on timeshare resales. So how do you choose?

Many buyers find they prefer the hands-on, personalized approach provided by timeshare brokers. Unlike some resale sites, licensed timeshare brokers, like us, will walk buyers through every step of the process, from selecting the perfect timeshare resale to assisting with closing procedures.

At Timeshare Broker Sales, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest levels of quality and service, backed by decades of timeshare resale experience. Want more reasons to choose Timeshare Broker Sales?

BBB Accredited Business

In the timeshare resale industry, reputation is everything. To ensure you’re working with a reputable timeshare reseller, check their BBB Accreditation. The Better Business Bureau offers consumers research resources including business reviews, complaints, statistics, ratings, and more to assist in intelligent buying decisions. Be wary of any company whose BBB Accreditation information is difficult to find – they may have a poor rating (meaning a high-number of consumer complaints) or may not be accredited at all.

Timeshare Broker Sales wears its BBB Accreditation proudly. If our client testimonials don’t speak loudly enough, we encourage our potential clients to check out Timeshare Broker Sales’ BBB Rating and rest assured they’re getting the highest-standards and business-practices when they work with Timeshare Broker Sales.

Licensed Timeshare Brokers

Next, it’s recommended by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) that individuals looking to buy timeshare resale use only licensed real estate brokers. Brokers are licensed and state-regulated. Their actions can be easily verified by state boards and other real estate services; ensuring the utmost transparency and honesty their timeshare resale services.

All of the timeshare resellers at Timeshare Broker Sales are licensed brokers and timeshare resale specialists.

Save Thousands on Timeshare Resales

Because timeshare resales are purchased from a previous owner, rather than directly from the resort, they’re already a more affordable option than buying timeshare retail. But Timeshares Broker Sales knows how to help you save even more on the purchase of your resale timeshare.

Our expert staff of licensed timeshare brokers maintains insider industry relationships, promotes ongoing training initiatives and, unlike ad-sites, works diligently to match you with the perfect timeshare property; based on your vacation desires and budget.

s-Business-woman-with-hand-exten-43264675Hands-on, Personalized Brokerage

At Timeshare Broker Sales, we favor a hands-on, personalized approach to assisting timeshare buyers. In general, timeshare brokers will go above and beyond what you can expect from an ad-site in terms of working to assist you in buying timeshare. At Timeshare Broker Sales, we take it a step further.

Beyond brokering acceptable deals between buyer and seller, our licensed timeshare brokers are always here to answer your questions about buying timeshare, provide honest advice or update you on the status of your timeshare resale.

Timeshare Broker Sales is a Name You Can Trust

Unfortunately, the timeshare resale industry is rife with scams. It’s important for timeshare buyers to do their research and choose a company with a solid reputation for positive results.

As a licensed broker (a member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association), and BBB Accredited Business, Timeshare Broker Sales promises the highest levels of quality, service and honesty in all our timeshare resale dealings.

Whether you’re ready to buy timeshare, want to look into timeshare rentals, or simply have questions about timeshare resale, we encourage you to contact us today. Our friendly and professional staff of licensed timeshare resellers looks forward to helping you with all your timesharing needs.