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Fractionals, sometimes referred to as Private Residence Clubs, are luxury real-estate developments in prime resort locations that offer deeded title ownership. Fractional ownership combines the first-class amenities and service of a five-star plus hotel with the convenience and comfort of vacation home ownership. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why fractionals are one of the fastest-growing segments of the real estate industry.

Fractionals Provide Deeded Title Ownership

Like timeshares, fractional properties allow owners to enjoy the benefits of vacation ownership without the cost and commitment of owning a second home. Unlike timeshares, fractionals provide deeded ownership of the actual property title, rather than ownership of “usage time.”

As a result, fractionals offer a deeded share in a residence (usually 1/4 to 1/13) that gives owners between 4 and 13 weeks of vacation time on the property. With this arrangement, fractional properties generally house between 4 and 12 owners per unit.

Fractionals Offer Exceptional Levels of Quality

Fractional properties take opulence to the next level. In addition to ideal resort location (in highly desirable vacation spots like Vail, Lake Tahoe, the CaribbeanLondon and Hawaii, to name a few), fractionals generally provide five-star plus levels of services, amenities and accommodations.

These luxury vacation properties provide decadent touches such as marble kitchen countertops, deep whirlpool baths and spacious closets; all combined with the benefits of a first-class hotel, like housekeeping and property maintenance, personalized grocery shopping, and valet and concierge services. Most fractionals even offer storage facilities so owners may keep personal items such as clothing, sports equipment (like skis of golf-clubs) and family-photos onsite year-round.

Fractionals Grant Increased Exchange Opportunities

Fractionals offer exceedingly flexible usage options. During owners’ allocated time, they can stay for a week, a long weekend, or simply overnight. Fractionals also allow for more flexible exchange opportunities. Due to their exceedingly high levels of quality, fractionals have unparalleled trade value within timeshare exchange companies, private residence clubs and affiliated timeshare vacation clubs. And the increased number of weeks-allotted with fractional ownership means owners have far greater options for individual week-exchange.

Equally important, with fractionals, owners can rent out unused time, or send friends and family to stay in their absence without gleaning permission from the resort or paying “guest” fees.

Fractionals Often Appreciate in Value

Finally, fractionals provide a greater change of property appreciation than do traditional timeshares – making them a valid real-estate investment with an increased opportunity for profit should the time come to sell. In recent years, due to their high-desirability and exclusivity, many new fractional units have risen from 12-14% in price.

Buy Fractionals Resale to Save Thousands

Of course, there’s a reason fractionals have a habit of appreciating in value: they’re not cheap to begin with. Depending upon the share size (number of weeks), location, and design of the property (suite, cabin, townhouse, villa or stand-alone home) the cost of fractionals purchased directly from the developer can range from $40,000 to more than $1 million.

Naturally, the cost of owning a fractional is still much less expensive than whole ownership of a luxury home; however, when purchased on the resale market, owners can save up to 60% off resort developer pricing. With fractionals, that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings! If you’re looking to buy a fractional property on the resale market, it’s imperative you work with a licensed real-estate broker who specializes in fractional resales.

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Available Fractional Ownership Listings Available

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  • Marriott’s Grand Residence Club Lake Tahoe – South Lake Tahoe, CA
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