Timeshare Basics – Buying Selling or Renting Timeshare

Let the licensed agents at Timeshare Broker Sales help you sell your timeshare, buy timeshare resale or find the perfect timeshare rental

If you’ve found us, you’re likely looking into timeshares. This flexible form of vacation property ownership has steadily gained popularity among vacationers since its introduction into the hospitality market in the 60’s. Since then, millions of families have purchased timeshare and have enjoyed annual or biennial vacations at luxurious resorts for less than they might spend to rent a hotel-room of similar or lesser quality.

Whether you’ve found us with an interest in purchasing a timeshare, selling timeshare you’re no longer able to use, or securing a timeshare rental for a lavish vacation on a budget, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about the savviest ways vacationers buy, sell and rent timeshares.

Buying Timeshare Resale

Perhaps the best way to save on your long-term vacation accommodations is to buy timeshare resale. Purchasing a timeshare resale simply means you’re buying from a previous owner, rather than directly from a resort.

With a timeshare resale, you’ll receive all the first-class amenities a resort has to offer, while saving thousands off the retail price. Purchasing your timeshare resale, rather than directly from the resort can add up to major savings – sometimes as much as 70% off the resort developer price!

With resales, you can secure a lifetime of accommodations at hospitality giants like Hilton Grand Vacations ClubMarriott Vacation ClubStarwood Vacation Club, and Hyatt Vacation Club for a fraction of what you might spend to buy direct, or on similar hotel accommodations for a week’s time.

If you’re considering buying a timeshare, don’t fall victim to high-pressure sales presentations. Be smart, do the research, and buy your vacation property on the timeshare resale market with the help of an experienced timeshare broker, like Timeshare Broker Sales.  With the help of our experienced staff of licensed timeshare resellers, you’ll save thousands of dollars while receiving all the exciting benefits included in vacation ownership.  Timeshare resales provide all the flexibility and luxury you desire, at prices you can afford!

Selling Your Timeshare

Sometimes lifestyle changes indicate that it may be time to sell your timeshare. If you have a vacation property that you need to sell, it’s important that you work with a licensed timeshare broker.

Licensing holds timeshare resellers to a higher standard by virtue of being governed by state regulatory agencies. Licensed brokers, like all of the timeshare resale experts at Timeshare Broker Sales, will never charge an Upfront Fee to list your timeshare for sale.

Beware of any company who asks for an upfront fee to sell timeshare. They’ve already got your money – what’s their incentive to sell timeshare quickly and efficiently? Our agents don’t collect a dime until your timeshare is sold.

Timeshare Broker Sales favors a hands-on approach to selling your timeshare. Not only will we list your timeshare for sale in our highly-visible online inventory, we’ll also connect with buyers eager to find a timeshare resale that meets their needs.  Best of all, our knowledgeable staff of experienced brokers will help you through every step of the process.

Timeshare Rentals

Sometimes changes of schedule or circumstance mean owners may not be able to take advantage of their vacation-property during a given year.

When this happens, a fortuitous deal can be struck between timeshare owners (who will often rent out their vacation property for just enough to cover the maintenance fees) and timeshare renters, who are looking to travel in luxury and style, without breaking the bank.

In addition to allowing vacationers to secure spacious resort accommodations for less than they might spend for a cramped hotel-room, timeshare rentals are also a great way for those considering timeshare-ownership to experience the resort lifestyle before they buy timeshare.

When you rent timeshare, you reap many of the benefits of timeshare ownership without any long-term commitment.

Rent your Timeshare

If you’re a timeshare owner interested in renting out your vacation property, contact us today. We’ll help you list your timeshare for rent in our highly-visible online inventory; we take calls from renters daily who are looking to secure vacation accommodations in timeshares just like yours. Don’t get stuck paying the maintenance fees if you won’t be enjoying your vacation property – rent your timeshare for cash with Timeshare Broker Sales.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or rent timeshare, you’ve come to the right place. Timeshare Broker Sales is a licensed REALTOR® and a BBB Accredited Business. We are timeshare resale specialists for Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC) worldwide. Call us today Toll Free at (800)985-9946, and see what our customers are raving about!

There is a difference in the hands-on, personalized service we provide! Let us help you buy, sell or rent timeshare on the resale market and see how much you can save. Remember, as Licensed Timeshare Brokers, we never charge an Upfront Fee!