Great Romantic Destinations

Do you have someone special in your life? Whether you’ve been married for forty years, or you are a newlywed, bringing romance helps keep the relationship alive and going strong. One of the best ways to do that is to take the occasional romantic getaway. Let’s look at some of the best romantic destinations.

 Places to Go

These romantic locations are different enough that just about every couple should be able to find something that suits their vacation style.


 Park City, Utah

The beautiful mountain town is great to visit no matter the time of year. During the winter, there’s plenty of skiing, as well as cuddling up by the fireplace. The mountain town is a fun place during the summer as well. The unparalleled beauty of the forests, the streams, and the mountains is enough to make anyone fall in love all over again!

 Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii’s beautiful beaches and palm trees are synonymous with romance. Maui has plenty of gorgeous landscapes, great places to enjoy nightlife, places to dine, and much more. While Hawaii might be the honeymoon destination for millions, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep returning to the state whenever you need another injection of beauty and romance.

 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has a reputation of being Sin City, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find romance with someone special. The city has wonderful restaurants and attractions, as well as shopping and some of the best live shows in the world. Most people think about the lights and the casinos, but it really can be a romantic city when you know where to go and how to vacation. Just spend less time on the casino floor and more time with your companion.

 It is Your Choice

While these are some of the top places to visit when you are on vacation, they are not your only options. Find a destination that means something to you and then look at the options you have for vacationing there. While you might find some hotel rooms, there might be an even better option. Instead of spending on a hotel, it might make more sense to consider a timeshare. The timeshares often have better amenities and features. It is a cheaper option if you plan to return to the same spot each year. Even if you don’t, it is possible to trade timeshare locations with other areas through many timeshare companies.

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