Check out this Infographic from FlipKey and Consider a Lake Tahoe Timeshare Rental

Lake Tahoe is California’s premier alpine and skiing region and is considered by many to be among the most elite destinations in the United States. Considering a Lake Tahoe vacation or a purchase at a Lake Tahoe timeshare?

The vacation experts over at FlipKey have put together this handy and beautiful infographic to help you learn more. We’ve reposted it, with their permission, below; along with our main takeaways for our clients and colleagues.

Main Takeaways for Timeshare Buyers and Renters

Finally, the average planning time for vacations in January, February and March is just 4-6 weeks. That means there’s still time to book a Lake Tahoe timeshare rental, or look into buying a timeshare in South Lake Tahoe.


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