Integrating Into Your Vacation Life

When you own a timeshare, you have the option of staying either in the same place or a different place each year. By using timeshare exchange companies, you can exchange your weeks or points for just about any location in the world. However, there are many people who enjoy going to the same location every year and timeshares are a great way of accommodating this. These people enjoy the benefits a timeshare provides them to them it’s about creating a second life in another country, with a different lifestyle, different friends and a different mentality. The beauty of it is that it can be achieved without having to give up an existing lifestyle.

Commitment to Longevity

The true beauty of a timeshare property can come out of regular annual (or perhaps more frequent) visits over a long period of time that allows a complete integration into the surrounding environment and community. By getting to know locals, making friends and creating a social life in the second home, individuals can really start to feel like the timeshare is a home away from home. This of course won’t happen overnight and a commitment will be needed to nurturing and maintaining relationships and connections. Little things like learning the local language or finding out about local history don’t take up too much time on a daily or weekly basis but can lead to big steps forward in integrating with a community. After all, being accepted as more than just a tourist is a unique part of owning a timeshare that the vast majority of holiday formats simply can’t facilitate. It is one of the reasons why timeshare owners go to so much trouble to ensure their purchase is made from a credible source, so that it would provide them with years of enjoyment.

Learn from Mistakes

Getting to know a new environment is never easy. No matter how many times a person has resettled or how many different environments have been experienced, there are some lessons that every new location holds. There is perhaps none more common than the touristy mistakes that make an individual stand out as a newcomer like a sore thumb. It doesn’t matter if this is a mispronunciation with comic implications or a brave local delicacy tasting that back fires. Every time it happens it is embarrassing, and most everyone feels about a foot tall in the aftermath.

But it is no cliché to say that these little moments truly do make the best stories in time to come and when people in the local community can laugh along with such instances it can be as much a sign of acceptance as anything else. Take any mistakes as part of the learning curve, find out from other people about their mistakes and learn from the whole mix. Don’t make the mistake of allowing a fear of rejection to prevent a community acceptance that will come over time. The only thing that can really prevent people from settling in to a timeshare location and accepting it as a second home is the decision to stop trying.

Share and Share Alike

You may make the mistake of thinking that those entering a new group or new community are the only ones who should be open to learning. Any community or group of friends that wants to accept new people will want to do so because they want to learn about and get to know these new people as much as they want you to learn and become a part of their community. There is nothing more inviting in a learning and integration experience than for everyone to be taking part in the learning and sharing experiences equally. It is a common, almost clichéd, aspect of human nature that the more others share with us, the more we are willing and open to sharing ourselves.

Stick Around

When timeshare holders make the decision and then take the steps to integrate into their holiday home community, a change in mindset happens. In choosing to be a part of the new community, the timeshare stops being simply an investment for profit and more a part of life that’s committed to for the long term.


This blog was written by our guest blogger, Evie Pearce.

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