Pay Your Timeshare Maintenance Fees With Timeshare Rentals

Tampa, Florida – August 8, 2011:  Do you own a timeshare but can’t find time to vacation? Many timeshare owners find that they end up paying annual maintenance fees on a timeshare that often goes unused. In this economy, there’s simply no room for extraneous expenses.

You can save yourself the cost of your annual maintenance fee and perhaps even make a profit when you rent your unused timeshare out to interested families. Renting your timeshare with the help of a licensed broker is a great way to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year. Choose the years you’ll use your timeshare, and rent out the rest!

Timeshare rentals are becoming ever more popular as consumers and families begin to realize their economic benefit. Rather than rent multiple hotel rooms on a nightly basis for a week’s time, travelers can rent unused and vastly more spacious timeshare units for about the same price. It’s truly a win/win situation – you’ve covered your maintenance fees, and they’ve secured a spacious and affordable vacation rental.

When you’re ready to list your timeshare for sale, contact a licensed timeshare broker who can help you through the rental process. Brokers actively receive rental requests and are experts at pairing you with legitimate renters. Additionally, brokers are required to be licensed and are therefore state regulated – ensuring the highest level of security, transparency and honesty in your rental transaction.

If you own timeshare in a highly desirable location, or if you’re an owner of Marriott timeshare, Disney timeshare or Hilton timeshare, you’ve got a good chance of securing a renter. Some of the most highly desirable timeshare rental locations include:

So no more lamenting your empty timeshare – be proactive and contact a licensed timeshare broker today!.


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